BPAConex Task Automation

With BPAConex we combine the powerful Travice API with all its multi GDS transactions together with mighty business process automation tools.

With a few clicks we can orchestrate more than 100 different Travice API transactions to single task or complex workflow automation processes.

Each customer will get his own process that can easily be adapted or changed later.
The initial requirements will be defined based on a Vision diagramm and spezified to a stage where our developers take over to build the process.
From then on the process will be hosted, supported and maintained by SoftConEx on Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.

Ticketing, Schedulechange Automation, Queue Management, PCI Creditcard Handling, Fare Optimization, PDF Confirmations, PNR Mailer, Waitlist Automation are some of the typical task that we have automated over the past years.

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Level 3
Level 3 PCI DSS compliant